IO 4: DATAETHICS Handbook DATAETHICS IO4 is a comprehensive handbook detailing the practical implementation of the Values and Knowledge Education (VaKE) teaching/learning method within the context of DATAETHICS Summer and Winter Schools.

This handbook poduced by the DATAETHICS Consortium not only offers a concise overview of the theoretical foundations of VaKE but also provides real-world examples and addresses potential challenges encountered by participants, trainers, and students throughout the DATAETHICS project.

The primary objective behind the creation of this e-Handbook was to equip educators and students with a valuable resource that streamlines the design and execution of diverse teaching/learning methodologies across various educational settings.

We firmly believe that the insights gained from applying VaKE in the DATAETHICS Schools, as documented in this handbook, can be transferable, and applied to enhance the organization of other educational events spanning different disciplines, from artificial intelligence to genetics or healthcare.

DATAETHICS Intellectual Output 4: DATAETHICS Handbook