IO 3: DATAETHICS e-learning content

Over the three years of the project, the DATAETHICS Consortium has developed a novel Open Education Resources (OER) in the form of an online training package comprising four comprehensive courses. The e-courses represent a significant knowledge repository addressing ethical, legal, and societal dimensions in the collection and management of Biomedical Big Data (BBD).

Engage in a flexible online learning experience, tailor-made for your pace, and unlock the coveted DATAETHICS Open Badge – the online certification of your pioneering knowledge.

Introducing DATAETHICS e-courses

DATAETHICS 1 “Ethical Considerations in Interpretation and Handling of Biomedical Big Data” 

DATAETHICS 2The Ethics of Artificial Intelligence in Biomedicine”

DATAETHICS 3Big Data, Big Implications: Data Protection in Biomedicine”

DATAETHICS 4Ethical and Regulatory Challenges in the Era of Open Science Data Sharing in Life Sciences & Health”

Our curriculum delves far beyond the confines of localized educational resources, textbooks, or teaching materials. Moreover, we harness local expertise, including insights from industry professionals, to provide the e-learners with a rich blend of theoretical knowledge and practical case studies of exceptional pedagogical value.

This resource proves invaluable for a broad spectrum of stakeholders, including students, researchers in the biomedicine domain, clinical professionals, and other practitioners tasked with navigating the complexities of BBD and its associated implications.

At the heart of our expansive, inclusive, cross-cultural, and interdisciplinary approach were five semi-annual DATAETHICS Summer and Winter Schools conducted over the course of three project years. These schools served as focal points for collaborative exercises, where students engaged in real-life scenario-based case studies, enriched by Values and Knowledge Education (VaKE). This approach fostered a sense of mutual responsibility between students and educators within the project, encouraging an egalitarian dialogue that empowered students to actively participate in the creation of innovative e-training content.



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