IO 2: DATAETHICS Open Education Resource (OER) platform


The goal of the IO2 output has been to deliver a platform for the dissemination of the four e-learning courses specified in Output 3 and provide a so-called Hub where all users can share resources and ask questions related to the contents of the four courses.

The DATAETHICS IO2 has delivered:

A platform (Canvas Catalog) where potential course participants can browse the course listings and enroll in the courses via the DATAETHICS program entry point:

The platform allows the user to create so-called external account, using their email address. The Canvas Catalog system was specifically selected because users can create an account themselves when they enroll, thus by-passing the need for university administrators being available to create these accounts.

Canvas Catalog allows for customized branding of the DATAETHICS programme listings as well as for registration emails sent to participants.

Canvas Catalog integrates with the Learning Management System called Canvas LMS. Each of the four courses is published in a so-called Canvas room which corresponds to a virtual classroom. Canvas is a user-friendly interface for students with a broad user-base. Each of the courses is based on a course prototype based on best-practice instructional design for online learning materials. Although the courses have been designed for asynchronous study, consideration has been taken to ensuring student engagement and motivation throughout the learning experience.

The Kaltura video platform for hosting all the video lectures. Kaltura provides video playback across devices and changing network conditions while ensuring that video content is secure and accessible.

User guides to help our e-learners enroll in the courses and to help them to navigate the course contents.