IO 5: DATAETHICS Open Badges

As a means of recognising and validating participation in the Dataethics projects, Open Badges are awarded to participants in the various Dataethics training activities. These open badges recognise involvement, either as a student attendee or a contributing speaker, to the summer and winter schools which debate and consider various topics in the area of  Biological Big Data, which is at the core of the Dataethics project.

Badges were also awarded for trainers who develop skills in the VaKE training methodolgy which is a central aspect of using knowledge acquired during the courses and applying it to real-life dilemmas.

Similarly, badges are awarded for individuals who have completed training using the e-courses developed by Dataethics providing a sustainable and long lasting suite of training materials. There are four main e-courses with individual modular components; completion of each of these modules, and each overall course, is rewarded by the issuing of a Dataethics open badge. Thus badges are ideal for microcredentialling as well as describing the overall achievement of the participants.

Additionally, the e-learners are awarded DATAETHICS Open Badges for the individual completed modules of each e-course.

DATAETHICS badges contain secure data which describe the criteria for awarding the badge, the achievements of the holder, the nature of the activity or event, and information on who has awarded the badge. This information is embedded in the badge using blockchain technology and importantly, is secure and verifiable.

This award is digitally portable and may be stored online in a digital open badge ‘backpack’ attached to electronic documents or websites (such as LinkedIn). Thus they are highly relevant to students and other members of the workforce today and an excellent solution for verification of professional achievements.

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