DATAETHICS announces its first course – DATAETHICS pilot school

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On 12-16 April 2021 students and thematic experts will meet to debate on the significance of coupling ethical with scientific considerations of the curation and handling of Biomedical Big Data in learning structures. The course titled Ethical considerations in interpretation and handling of BIOMEDICAL BIG DATA is available to students from the DATAETHICS partner universities and will offer participants the opportunity to learn about the latest trends in data science and bioinformatics.

From the completion of the Human Genome Project onwards and the advent of technological advances, the conceptual and moral philosophical considerations of the use of Biomedical Big Data have been outpaced. The pilot school is the first step of DATAETHICS towards updating these conceptual and ethical considerations.

This 5-day course offers a unique opportunity to listen to the lectures from leading and established cross-disciplinary experts in ethics and biomedicine. Through the matrix of lectures, interactive sessions and small group assignments, we will create a flexible environment to allow for students’ acquisition of knowledge framed around a dilemma story, which will further allow for students’ application of newly gained knowledge in true-to-life scenarios. The course also offers plenty of opportunities to network with fellow students and thematic experts from nine leading European medical institutions.

The tentative program of the course is available HERE.

The expertise of the speakers covers a broad spectrum of research and application interests from bioethics, health policy and social studies of medicine, to cutting-edge genomics and analysis of large heterogeneous high-throughput data sets. Following are the speakers to the event:

Gabriele Werner-Felmayer, Innsbruck, AUT     Tim Beißbarth, Göttingen, DE      Karim Lekadir, Barcelona, ES 

 Zlatko Trajanoski, Innsbruck, AUT     Mirjam Pot, Vienna, AUT     Thanasis Tsanas, Edinburgh, UK                        Silke Schicktanz, Göttingen, DE

Alexander Silbersdorff, Göttingen, DE      Sara J M Laurijssen, Leiden, NL      Laszlo Bencze, Budapest, HU     Gert Helgesson, Stockholm, SE 

Francis Megerlin, Strasbourg, FR        Julien Godet, Strasbourg, FR         Blanaid Mee, Dublin, IE

To obtain more information, please read HERE.

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