About the Project

DATAETHICS is a transnational project, which aims at updating the conceptual and ethical considerations that arise from Biomedical Big Data (BBD) collection and use. It has been implemented over three years by the Eurolife consortium, supported by an Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership grant.

DATAETHICS enables a shared understanding and a common vision on BBD across Europe through testing and implementation of an innovative on-line training package developed through activities based on value and knowledge education and with actions of cooperation with interdisciplinary expertise and industry. The e-courses are engaging through the mix spurts of text, audio, webinars, discussion board and hands-on case study exercises and actualize the content to mirror the technological advancements incorporating cultural, legal and social differences.

Our partners

University Medical Center Göttingen
Universitat de Barcelona
Semmelweis University
Trinity College Dublin - School of Medicine
University of Edinburgh - College of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine
Medical University of Innsbruck
Leiden University Medical Center
Karolinska Institutet
University of Strasbourg


Recommendations and analysis of the competences

Open educational resource (OERs) platform

DATAETHICS e-learning content (OERs)


Certification method

Evaluation framework and analysis

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